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#laceitup for homeless youth

All it takes is 60 seconds – to swap your shoelaces for homeless youth



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Step 1

Step 1

Buy your blue laces, swap them with your normal laces, or lace it up your own way!

Step 2

Step 2

Be as creative as you like and take a photo of you and your blue laces

Step 3

Step 3

Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to tag Youth Off The Streets and use the hashtag #laceitup.

Share your photo during Homeless Persons Week first week of August.

Why lace it up?

#laceitup is raising awareness of youth homelessness in Australia and raising vital funds for Youth Off The Streets.

More than 47,000 young people under 25 are homeless, making up 48% of the homeless population.

You have the luxury of putting on a pair of shoes each day, homeless youth aren’t so lucky; instead they are forced to sleep with their shoes on at night to keep warm and ready to run from harm.

#laceitup is a simple moment in your daily routine – tying up your laces, and letting it act as a symbol for the thousands of young people that battle cold streets every day.

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